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    Posted on Nov 25, 2014

    18 Undeniable Perks Of Being An Only Child

    We're number one, we're number one!

    1. You've always been totally comfortable talking to adults.

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    And these days, your cocktail party banter is on another level.

    2. You never had to deal with your friends crushing on your siblings.

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    Hey Harry, can you introduce me to your brother?

    3. You got the whole back seat during family road trips.

    Lemme just stretch my legs out back here.

    4. Because your parents were hyper-conscious about only child stereotypes, you're actually better at sharing than most.

    And the only thing you got spoiled with was love.

    5. Your school projects were always totally over-the-top and AWESOME.

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    Mom, can you help me make a volcano out of chocolate?

    6. You've always been very mature for your age.

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    In any group of friends, you're usually the responsible one.

    7. Because you spent a lot of time on your own as a kid, you developed an especially strong imagination.

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    Imaginary friends, single-player chess, alternate universes... you've done it all.

    8. Spending a lot of time by yourself also made you self-sufficient, and you're fine being alone.

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    Why wouldn't you be?

    9. You never had to share your room.


    How do people sleep with the sounds of their siblings breathing in the night?

    10. You're especially close with your parents.

    Just the three of us!

    11. And your best friends become just like siblings to you.

    The CW

    You got to choose your sisters.

    12. But no one ever knows you as "Katie's brother" or "Alex's sister."

    You live in no one's shadow.

    13. You spent a lot of your childhood in magical, fictional worlds.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    As a kid, you probably read a lot. Now, you're an extra-educated adult.

    14. Your parents usually went all-out for your birthday parties.

    Your parents never had to worry about your siblings getting jealous.

    15. Plus, growing up without siblings made you fiercely independent.

    You're the opposite of needy.

    16. Because you're their one and only, your parents have more time to focus on you and your big dreams.


    More college funds for you!

    17. And sure, sometimes your parents gave you TOO much attention, but at the end of the day it made you more responsible and more self-aware.

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    Even if you didn't realize it when you were frustrated with all their rules.

    18. And no matter what, you're always the favorite child.


    First, last, and best.

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