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43 Reasons Studying Abroad In Paris Destroys You For Life

Nonnnnn, je ne regrette rien!

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3. Because your mère d'accueil was a casual gourmet chef.

And when you begged her to teach you her ways, she just smiled, shrugged, and said, "Ah, mais c'est trop simple."


6. Because the friends you make while studying in Paris are friends you'll keep for life.

After all, you'll always have Paris.


11. Because you've tasted the hot chocolate of the gods.

And now you can't go back to powdered Cadbury's.


16. Because this was the view from your homestay.

Or some variation of the same beautiful Haussmann architecture.

18. Because you'll miss the smell of these wafting down the streets.

It's like Paris is nutella-flavored.


20. Because now no meal will be complete without cheese.

How did you live before you knew to eat Camembert after every dinner?

21. Because oh mon dieu yes, this, oui oui oui.

Laudree macarons: it's like eating your Tumblr feed.

22. Because these little billets took you everywhere you needed to go.

And everyone rode public transportation.


24. Because there's no better place to fall in love...

26. Because you've had this magical stuff...

It smells like the perfume of angels.


29. And anytime you wanted a French book, you could find a bookshop or cart on any street.

Creative Commons / Flickr: rdale

And there was always a kind old bookseller, willing to help you find a copy of Les Memoires d'une Fille Rangee.


38. Because there's no better spot for a rendezvous than a drink on the banks of the Seine.

It's every bit as beautiful as you thought it would be.