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18 Magical Ways "Harry Potter" Changed Your Life

Because the magic of Hogwarts never goes away.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community about the books that have gotten them through hard times, the books they would make required reading for the world, and the books they are most thankful for.

3. "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was a gift after my cancer surgery. I got my hours all turned around and was in bed reading in the middle of the night." —Hermetta P., via Facebook

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"When Dumbledore died, I cried like a baby while everyone else in the house was sound asleep..."

5. “When I was coming out in college, I clung to the Harry Potter books like they were part of me. I’d be crying in my dorm, wishing I wasn’t gay, and the only thing that would get me out of that dark place was J.K. Rowling and her writing.” — Michael W.

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"The moment that gave me the strength to be myself was in Goblet of Fire when Hagrid talks about the prejudice he has met from being a Half Giant: 'There's some who'd always hold it up against yeh … there's some who'd even pretend they just had big bones rather than stand up an' say — I am what I am, an' I'm not ashamed.'"

6. "Harry Potter had enough magic to keep me afloat even in the darkest of times." —Kate Y., via Facebook

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"SO many lessons of friendship, bravery, love, determination, and growth. That world had enough magic to keep me afloat even in the darkest of times. Harry Potter helped me remember to turn on the light."

7. "I was recently unemployed for six months. I decided to re-read Harry Potter, for the fourth time, since I had the time. The books were more than just a story: They were a lifeline." —Tatiana H., via Facebook

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"Obviously, those six months were really hard on me. I decided to re-read Harry Potter since I had the time. I can't begin to explain how much reading the books helped. They gave me something to focus on that wasn't my current situation. Although I had read them before, it was different this time."

10. "For a young, nerdy, and opinionated girl, it was great having Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Mrs. Weasley, Tonks, and McGonagall. They were strong, they were real, they had their own voices and they didn't exist only as a way to advance Harry's plot." -- Rita G.

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"They made changes, they made mistakes, they won and they lost and they learned. The books feature such a diverse array of autonomous women. For a young girl in the early '00s, those examples were priceless. It was the first time a series of books for children explored that diversity and autonomy in such a depth, even if the hero was a boy. Harry Potter, for me, is the book I am most thankful for and will forever be."

11. "Harry Potter was a major part of my childhood and it taught me how to deal with lots of things, like the death of my father when I was 15." —Jaimee D., via Facebook

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"Lots of books have touched me or helped me through rough patches, but nothing else was ever so instrumental in forming me as a person and preparing me for what life had to offer down the road."

14. "Being in the Harry Potter fandom since I was 12 has awarded me with some of my strongest friendships. When I moved to a new town and had no real friends around, they helped me keep my sanity." —Rita G., via Facebook

17. "The Harry Potter series inspired and continues to inspire me to become the person I want to be. I had a strong connection with Ron because my family never could afford much and he was always embarrassed by it." —Rachel

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"To quote Dumbledore, 'It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.' Harry Potter helped me deal with my broken family and my depression."

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