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22 Times You Just Needed To Call Your Dad

"Honey, what's wrong?" "Just called to say I love you, Dad."

1. When you needed a lame joke to cheer you up after a bad day.

2. When you totally nailed an exam and couldn't wait to hear him say "That's my girl."

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3. When you saw a kid getting a piggy back ride and realized you must've been pretty heavy.

4. When you needed someone to talk to while you walked alone in the dark.

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5. When you were going through a break-up and wanted to talk to someone who would just listen.


6. When you needed some good ol' dad wisdom to give you perspective.

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7. When you were panicking about your future and needed to hear from your biggest fan.

8. When you didn't get the job you wanted and needed to hear that everything would be OK.


9. When you realized you didn't have health insurance and needed advice on how to get it.

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10. When you needed to hear those magic words, "Honey, boys are idiots."

11. When you decided to forgive him for the little things.

12. When you had to spend the holidays apart, and you missed his cooking soo much.


13. When your favorite daddy-daughter dance song came on the radio.

14. When you were trying to buy a present for your boyfriend and couldn't figure out what men's shirt sizes mean.

15. When you started building your own life and realized how hard he's worked to give you the life you've got.

16. When you got totally ripped off by a salesman and knew your dad would know exactly what to do.


17. When It's A Wonderful Life came on the TV and you remembered how much it always makes him cry.

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18. When you had big news to share.

19. When you realized that not everyone has a dad nearly as great as your dad.

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20. When you were about to make a huge, life-changing decision.


21. When you remembered how much care he took when he used to do your hair.

22. When you just really missed him and wanted to say, "I love you, Dad."


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