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    This Is What Happens When You Reply To Tinder Guys With Jane Austen Quotes

    What's a girl gotta swipe to find her Darcy, am I right?

    1. "Landon" was all sense and no sensibility.

    2. Jack got ZERO Darcy points.

    3. Justin was just all over it:

    4. Deezyy knew how to treat a lady right:

    5. Junior was up for all of my important nothings:

    6. Daniel convinced me that modern love is dead:

    7. Shasta just went for it:

    8. Alex thought he was on another level. (He wasn't.)

    9. This guy took himself way too seriously:

    10. Tomas wanted to create some world literature together:

    11. Robert turned to other means of pleasure:

    12. Daniel couldn't rise to the occasion:

    13. And this guy just had NO chat:

    14. Armen didn't understand the concept of misandry:

    15. And Jonathan deserves to find true love: