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51 Reasons Living In Chicago Ruins You For Life

I'm not gonna lie... a lot of the reasons are food.

1. Because pizza anywhere else will seem like pizza for ants.

2. Because Central Park is pretty, but Millennium Park is a work of art.

3. Because hot dogs anywhere else are just plain WRONG.

4. Because you believe great public transportation is a human right.

5. Because you can't imagine not having one of the world's greatest art collections 20 minutes from home.

6. Because you've learned resilience from the Cubs...

7. ...or the taste of glory from the Sox.

8. Because no matter what, we all unite here.

9. Because our streets are wide and our drivers are sane.

10. Because a month never goes by when you don't see fireworks.

11. Because all through the summer, you can cruise on the lake.

12. Because autumn is a brief, but real season.

13. And when winter comes, you expect beautiful flurries of snow in exchange for your suffering.

14. Because the rough winters make springtime all the more glorious.

15. Because this is where you exercise.

16. Because you're used to being able to afford your rent.

17. Because our universities are top notch.

18. Because the bars stay open late.

19. Because whenever there's danger, Batman might be around the corner.

20. Because no other city has Italian beef like ours.

21. Because we created the urban blues.

22. Because the air doesn't smell like sweat and garbage.

23. Because the streets are kept clean.

24. Because popcorn means this:

Cheddar and caramel, all over my fingers.

25. ...and steak means a porterhouse.

26. Because amber waves of grain are never more than a half hour's drive away.

27. ...and whenever you fly out of O'Hare, you get a farewell light show.

28. Because living in the Architectural Capital of the United States gives you unrealistic standards of beauty for all other cities.

29. Because there's no better spot to meet your friends than at the cafeteria of Water Tower Place.

30. Because you don't pay city income tax.

31. Because there's art on every corner.

32. Because you've only ever paid off-Broadway prices to see Broadway shows.

33. Because our diners are done right.

34. Because you take LSD every chance you get.

35. Because you won't find better Greek food outside of Greece.

36. Because this glorious fountain is just casually dropped in the middle of your city.

37. Because we have ceilings made by Tiffany.

38. Because you're never far from the beach.

39. ... and you won't find Lake Michigan blue anywhere else.

40. Because Chicago is a book lover's paradise.

41. Because you get your beer local.

42. Because Sue the dinosaur is your pal.

43. Because what other city has water towers that look this majestic?

44. Because Milennium Park in the summer is nothing short of paradise.

45. ...and an ice-skating oasis in the winter.

46. Because the London Eye is cute, but the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel is epic.

47. Because no sandwich is as good as a Potbelly's.

48. Because every year, the music comes to you.


The original image included here was from Lollapalooza Brazil.

50. Because we can even beat New England at its own game.

51. Because you can always go and see the stars.

52. Because no matter how cold it gets, Chicago still shines.

No city could ever compare to Chicago. Its beauty and charm and deliciousness have ruined you for life. You might as well stay forever.