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29 Reasons To Love Being A Filipino-American

Happy Filipino-American Heritage Month, kabayan!

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1. Your family is constantly growing.


And introducing your friends to all your Tita Honeys and Tito Boys is always fun.

2. The day you learn to cook your mom's adobo will be the proudest day of your life.

The secret is cutting the chicken up in random pieces.


13. A trip to the Filipino food store is your favorite errand.

There's a restaurant inside the store.

14. You know the importance of family.

And you would never forget to mano your lola.


Mix that baby UP.


17. You have friends who can dance the hell out of any professional crew.

Actually, they probably have their own professional crew.

18. And you keep in touch with your heritage through dance, too.

You can impress your non-Filipino friends with tinikling or pandanggo sa ilaw any time.

19. If you got the chance to go home to the Philippines, it was a life-changing experience.

How can any place be so beautiful?


23. Because when it comes to karaoke, you have no shame.

You can belt it out with the best.

24. There's nothing like a Filipino Christmas.

Did you see the 40-piece nativity scene out on the front lawn?


28. You know the cure for any ail.