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21 Feelings All Mixed-Race People Know

It ain't easy being the face of the future.

1. Confusion, when someone says they want to marry within their race.

2. Excitement, when you get to travel to another part of the world to visit your relatives.

3. Pride, for multiple teams during the Olympics.

4. Frustration, whenever someone asks "Where are you from?" or "No, really, where are you from?" or "What are you?"

5. Irritation, when others assume you're just one thing or another.

6. Ambivalence, about the term "halfie."

7. Awe, when you realize the incredible stories and rich histories that led to your existence.

8. Exhaustion, when you get racially-charged catcalls or come-ons.

9. Certainty, that in a hundred years most of us will be "mixed" anyway.

10. Unamused, when people play an unsolicited round of "Guess Your Ethnicity."

11. Disbelief, when someone treats you like you're not "Asian enough," "black enough," "white enough," "Hispanic enough," "Indian enough..."

12. Anticipation, for getting to share so many different cultures with your kids someday.

13. Gratitude, for getting to experience two or three or five different cultures growing up.

14. Stunned, when you're out with one parent and someone asks if you're adopted.

15. Hunger, for a variety of delicious cuisines from around the globe.

16. Ticked off, when others think they can decide whether or not you are a "person of color."

17. Joy, when you get to talk about your culture.

18. Uncertainty, during Doppleganger Week.

19. Annoyance, when a standardized test asks you to "select only one ethnicity."

20. Indifference, to any haters.

21. Confidence, when someone tells you how beautiful mixed kids are.