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    18 Ways You And Your BFF Are A Power Couple

    Ann and Leslie who?

    1. You spend more time talking about your career moves than your love lives.

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    Want to get brunch and talk about whether I should take this job offer?

    2. And you already have plans for when you're both famous.


    Because let's be real, that day is coming soon.

    3. When you meet each other's other friends, neither of you needs an introduction.

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    I'd like to introduce you to — well, of course you've already heard about her.

    4. You have your own domains to conquer, but you love being each other's partner in crime.

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    Lena's boyfriend and Taylor Swift made a song? We can do better than that.

    5. You share the same theories about the way the world works.

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    Some days, it's just you two against the world.

    6. And your BFF is who you're gonna thank in all your award speeches.


    Couldn't have gotten here with you, babe.

    7. You're not afraid to challenge each other, hard.

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    You call that trying? Come on, I've known you since we were in middle school, that ain't trying.

    8. And yeah, sometimes you can get a bit competitive.

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    But it's all in the spirit of pushing you both forward.

    9. When they get hurt, your reaction isn't "Poor baby, let me come over with some ice cream," it's "Let's GET 'EM."


    They'll fight hard for you when you don't have the strength to.

    10. They're the one person you can talk to about all your anxieties.

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    And they'll never judge you for a single one.

    11. You respect their opinions more than anyone else's.

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    BFF knows best.

    12. And when you roll up to a party together, you work the crowd like no couple ever could.

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    The party don't start 'til you two walk in.

    13. You've seen each other through the hardest times, and you're growing stronger together.

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    No matter where you are, if they need you, you're out the door in a heartbeat.

    14. You can't wait to spend all your time together when you're retired.

    Let's save the world and then get a villa in Spain, K?

    15. Whether you're getting ready to go out or go to work, you're each other's biggest supporters through and through.

    FOX / Via


    16. You can't imagine making a major life choice without them.


    And they weigh in on the small ones too.

    17. And when the going gets tough, your BFF is the one with the pep talk that gets you back on your feet.

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    They're your person, after all.

    18. And you know that if you *were* a couple, you'd be the Power Couple to end all Power Couples.


    Guess it's a good thing you're just best friends for life.

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