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    • jennifers81

      I’mabit ofacloset nerd. Not because I’m afraid of the social repercussions, because let’s be honest, non-nerds can pick up that scent fromamile away. Rather,Idon’t like to identify asanerd because my experience with nerd culture has been that it is very judgmental and rigid. Much of this impression comes from the fact that my nerdy interests are not ones that actually give me common grounds with almost any nerds. Asaconcrete example, my most intense areas of nerdiness are:Iadore dating sims and really most widgety video games that emphasize quirkiness, uniqueness, or visual flair over gameplay; I’m deeply interested in the history of video games’ development asamedium;Ienjoy many cult tv shows, movies, and some anime. Even though my interests are nerdy (what can you call someone who’s played through almost every 16-bit JRPG if notanerd?) andIunderstand the reference pool,Ireally have as little in common with most nerds asIdo most regular people. And nerds are waaaay meaner about it. Non-nerds shrug, and find something else to talk about. Nerds, on the other hand, get mad whenIidentify asanerd but don’t like the same TV shows or video games as them… even though my preferences are equally removed from the mainstream. I’ve had people write me off becauseIdidn’t pick up on quotes/in-jokes from shows or moviesIhad in fact seen! WhenIhang out with people who identify with nerd cultureIfind myself feeling pressured to fill in the “blanks” in my nerdy knowledge, even though the blanks are there in the first place becauseIam totally not interested in that show/book/game. I’ve wasted more time thanIcare to admit “educating” myself this way. EventuallyIrealized it was easier and healthier to pursue my nerdy ways in solitude.  This wasaVERY ROUNDABOUT way of saying thatIhaven’t encountered the Fake Geek Girl meme, or been subjected to the “are youageek girl” interrogation, but that’s mostly becauseIconsciously avoid the whole culture. Due to finding it to be too often judgmental, reactionary, and withawhiff of sexism hovering about it.  SoItotally buy the original article’s premise and argument. There are probably some fakers out there,Iguess? But this hostility seems drummed up and part of an overall vibe towards women that does not surprise me given what I’ve seen of the culture.

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