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Dear Me

When you mix caffeine and fatigue...

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I must write you. I really just must. I've entered into that lucrative dream-state where the finest thoughts are forced from their hidden corners into the open for even the most distant of people to adhere to. It's incredible to fathom the abilities of in-depth thought processing created from a maximum concoction of fatigue and caffeine. The extent of getting lost in the simplest object and imagery is limitless. The lights become luminescent, sounds turn into bionic rhythms, and letters become secretive and cryptic signs of a mysterious revelation. Everything is calm and complacent, and even the chaos is in its perfect order. Furthermore, I feel the fall from reality will provide me a more vivid imagination, allowing fantasies to coincide with truth. That is when I can shut my eyes, use my wings, and fly right to your side where I will lay my heart next to yours and you will whisper to me that everything will be alright. These are my dreams and in this state, they become me. I allow the insanity in order to remain sane. I hope your night is as calm as those brief still moments before the clouds clash and the thunder strikes. Lest you forget, I very much am in love with your masterpiece of a soul.


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