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    15 Hidden Spots In Paris That Only Locals Really Know About

    Visit places even some locals don't know.

    1. The Villa Léandre

    2. The Collège des Bernardins (Bernardins College)

    College des Bernardins / Via Facebook: CollegedesBernardins

    The Collège des Bernardins is both a museum and a historical theology center, so there's plenty of culture and history to load up on. Did we mention the building is stunning?

    Where: 5th arrondissement

    3. The Petite Ceinture (The Little Belt)

    Hugo Clément, Marmontel

    This 32km-long abandoned railway crosses all of Paris and some of its surrounding region. Public access is partially off-limits, but that doesn't keep Parisians from exploring it.

    Where: all over Paris

    4. The Butte Bergeyre

    5. The Passage Brady

    6. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

    7. The Hôtel Dieu

    stephane martin / Via Flickr: stephanemartin

    Fun fact: The oldest hospital in Paris also has one of the capital's prettiest gardens.

    Where: 4th arrondissement

    8. The courtyard of the Palais-Royal

    9. Cité des Fleurs (City of Flowers)

    10. The rue Crémieux

    Anne LANDOIS-FAVRET, Noelle H

    This surely has to be the most colorful street in Paris. It hasn't been kept much of a "secret" since Instagram became A Thing, but not everyone knows about it (yet).

    Where: 12th arrondissement

    11. The garden of Hôpital Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis Hospital)

    12. The Japanese garden inside the Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet (Guimet Museum)

    Jean-Pierre Dalbéra / Via Flickr: dalbera

    Not only is this museum home to an impressive collection of Asian art, it also has a huge tranquil garden inside! Who would have known.

    Where: 16th arrondissement

    13. The Institut de Théologie Orthodoxe Saint-Serge (Saint-Serge Orthodox Church)

    14. The café at the Institut Suédois (Swedish Institute)

    Institut Suédois / Via Facebook: Institutsuedois

    The Insitut Suédois is nestled away in the very beautiful Hôtel de Marle (a private mansion). However, the real drawcard is the lush café courtyard, which has to be one of Paris's best-kept secrets. Ice-cream and lounge chairs in the summertime, anyone?

    Where: 3rd arrondissement

    15. The Quartier de la Mouzaïa (Mouzaïa Quarter)

    This post was translated from French.

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