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Here Are All The Reasons Why Danielle Brooks Is The Instagram Goddess We Should All Be Following

More like Danielle ~lewks~.

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And also powerful messages...

"Why I am grateful for MY BODY: The body is your ride or die, literally. So I’m thankful for Good Health!! I’m thankful that my body functions at 💯 regardless of the imperfections the world might see. It holds me up. It sustains me through long work weeks. It takes me on trips around the world, and carries me through my most stressful days and my most exciting. My body has my back, because it knows that I am learning to listen to what it needs to have it function at its best. I don’t take my body for granted, so thank you body for taking me on an incredible ride this year!"

And last year, this particular video, documenting a post-workout pep talk, went viral.

Instagram: @daniebb3

"So I just left the gym, and as most people know, I take my shirt off when I go to the gym. That's my new thing, it gives me confidence. So I had my shirt off and this lady walks in. And y'all, she was bad. She looked great with her shirt off. So immediately I’m like, ‘Oh no.’ I started to lose my confidence. I'm like, I need to put my shirt back on now. Or do I need to keep it off, because she's already seen me? And I realized I’m comparing myself to this woman, and I was like, ‘Why just two minutes ago I was feeling great and now I’m not?’ And I realized the reason I was feeling so great was because I was comparing myself to yesterday’s Danielle. And today's Danielle is better than yesterday's. And that's why I felt so good. So I'm saying, ladies, don't compare yourself to nobody. Just be a better you."

She also posts about her work as a brand ambassador for Lane Bryant, most recently appearing in the retailer's #ImNoAngel campaign alongside models like Ashley Graham, Denise Bidot, and Candice Huffine.

In an interview with SELF, Brooks talked about being a part of the campaign as "my moment to say I'm sorry to my 15-year-old self, to say I'm going to love you whether you fluctuate to a size 4 or go all the way to a 22."

And her Instagram account is also where she highlights recent interviews...

From InStyle in 2017: "To be honest, a lot of my goal setting when I was younger had to do with weight. I’d often resolve to get under 200 pounds or be out of the double-digit clothing sizes. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to realize that those superficial achievements aren’t what life is all about."


As well as this moving letter to her 15-year-old self that she wrote for Refinery29.

"Shopping gets better, I promise. I know you’re starting to develop and trendy clothes are hard to find. I mean the only places that carry your jean size are Walmart and Catos, for God’s-sake. But trust, it gets better. One day you will shock yourself by how many women you inspire through your fashion and your willingness to be open about your journey with your body. Continue to show people how to live unapologetically in their magic."

And where she celebrates being named as one of the world's most beautiful people by People.

"For the girls who never felt pretty enough or were made to feel less than because their beauty was unique, I was you once. One day you will realize your BEAUTY. Outer beauty is fleeting, but lasting beauty comes from within. Thank you @people for including me in your #MostBeautiful issue, specifically in the #nomakeup section. This one is especially for all the beautiful dark skin girls who are underrepresented. Majestic is our melanin."

This post was translated from French.