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    Women Are Posting Pics Of Their Stretch Marks On Instagram And Sharing Some Real Talk On Body Positivity

    Love that body love. 😍

    1. @Mybeautifulmumlife

    "I’ve birthed 3 babies in this body. I’ve gone through anorexia. I’ve been overweight. My skin tells stories mapped in lines. Some run deep. Some people see them as ugly, but all I see is their beauty. ❤️ Love your lines."

    2. @dianasirokai

    "I always had a 'perfect' tummy with no stretch marks, and when I got them, I was crying for days...but eventually I learnt to love them."

    3. @edwinacarla

    "In my own skin...and of course some lingerie. 😏"

    4. @kirstyoconnell

    "15 days after giving birth, and this is my body now, today I’ve started back to working out. Got a postnatal routine to help my abdominal muscles shrink back and then can go on to more challenging exercises, but I cannot wait to get my body back. I’m learning to love this body type slowly, and my stretch marks don’t bother me that much. It’s a beautiful and natural thing that I am slowly getting used to."

    5. @wonderfullynutritious l

    "While this would have been a sore to my eyes a year ago, I’m finally at a place where I am becoming proud of the body I am seeing in the mirror."

    6. @yvesfit

    "I love my stretch marks. They represent my journey and my struggles with food, my body, my self image."

    7. @dreamsdonutsanddumbells

    Instagram: @dreamsdonutsanddumbells

    "My stretch marks...I can't change, so I must accept them. This is much harder but simply put...IT'S ALL COMPLETELY UP TO YOU HOW YOU SEE YOU. Your body is your own. If anyone puts you down in any way for how you look...They aren't happy in themselves either. Because if they truly loved themselves and were happy and confident, it wouldn't even matter how anyone else looked. So ignore. Love yourself. Love your flaws. Know your worth. 💁💞"


    "I was this beautiful tiny human’s home. How amazing is that?? Every breath she took, every yawn, every hiccup (and there were a lot of them), every kick to the bladder, every punch in the rib, every fist bump she tried giving me from the inside, every millimeter of growth...aalll happened in the safety and comfort of my body. These stretch marks remind me of the miracle of growing a tiny human inside me and just how lucky I am to have been given the chance to bring a life into this world."

    9. @inkdgoddess1

    "This is my expression. Love it or hate it. If you’re whispering about it you probably shouldn’t be on my Insta. But I am proud to be where I am at now and I wanted to share this with y’all! Welcome to my journey."

    10. @lauren_dungey

    "Every mark is individual and every mark shows a journey, so be proud of those tiger stripes, ladies."

    11. @sarashakeel

    "Thank you everyone for the #glitterstretchmarks response and the numerous features of my artwork! The past few days have been unreal! Good and bad, but tbh, I shall always look at the good side because nothing is more powerful than giving confidence to myself along with so many women and men out there!"

    ^^FYI, Shakeel is the artist behind the GlitterMarks project, which features photos of women whose stretch marks have been photoshopped with glitter to enhance them.

    12. @allisonkimmey

    "When I was pregnant with my daughter I used to pray about all the ways I hoped she would not be like me. Before she was even born I had a whole list of MY insecurities I was ready to push onto her as soon as she came into the world.

    And then I met her, and she changed me. Because she was everything that I wished I could see in myself.

    It took a long time to learn to love myself, and unlearn all of those same beliefs I was ready to hand over to her. But I realized that my most important job was not to wish away who she was, but to prevent my limiting beliefs, and society’s expectations, from ever reaching her...and prepare her for the day that they inevitably will.

    And while she certainly loves to be just like me, like here when she received some honorary #glitterstripes, I strive every day to be more like her."

    13. And one more, from Danielle Brooks' campaign for Lane Bryant: @daniebb3

    This post was translated from French.