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    16 "Concept" Restaurants That Need To Be Stopped

    We just want plates to eat out of.

    We thought that the point of going to a restaurant was to eat food. In plates. You know, like normal people.

    But for some time now, a crazy trend has been going around — eating out of anything but plates...

    Eating out of bowls is cool and all, but some people have just gone WAY too far...

    1. The idea behind this was nice, but a simple basket would have worked just as well.

    2. Who really wants to eat out of a shovel???

    3. Or a frying pan?

    4. Who eats fries out of a mug???

    5. We get it, eggs come from the farm and blah blah blah, but can't we just eat them on a real plate???

    6. Going to the restaurant to eat a plant. Literally.

    7. Yeah... NO.

    8. Fries do NOT deserve to be served in a trashcan. They deserve to be served on a golden platter, thank you very much.

    9. TOO FAR.

    10. They said it would be "original," but in fact all it is is ugly and anything but appetizing.

    11. How are you supposed to dip the bread in the soup???

    12. I don't know if I'm supposed to laugh or cry anymore...

    13. Was my steak not done cooking yet? 😷

    14. They go through so much trouble with the presentation and yet you can't even see the main subject (AKA THE FOOD). Ugh.

    15. Ah, finally, a plate! Oh wait, it's upside down and therefore absolutely USELESS.

    16. In short, we're only asking for one little thing: bring back the plates!

    This post was translated from French.

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