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    15 Organization Tips For A Way More Functional Bathroom Situation

    Remember: shelving units are your friends.

    1. First, ditch the Kleenex boxes and use mason jars instead:

    landeelu / Via

    You can find a DIY tutorial for it here.

    2. Then, put all of those cute little soaps you've been collecting on display, with a glass pastry container:

    Angelica Hernandez / Via

    3. Painted crates mounted as shelves make for the perfect place to keep towels and toilet paper:

    ArchZine FR / Via

    4. Alternatively, leaning a ladder over your toilet also gives you plenty of shelf space to work with:

    ListSpirit / Via

    5. If you never know where to put your straighteners or curling irons, a simple magazine rack, mounted on the wall, does the trick nicely:

    Mylène K. / Via

    6. And if you're constantly losing your bobby pins and tweezers everywhere, a little magnetic slab is a super simple solution:

    Astuces de filles / Via

    7. If you have the room, keep a dresser or chest of drawers in the bathroom, and you can keep all your makeup and beauty products organized:

    8. And use a cake platter to keep all of your nail polish easily accessible:

    Marie Beyondzewords / Via

    9. Or more shelving units:

    10. Pro tip: just one little floating shelf installed above the sink can work wonders:

    Samy walid

    11. And you can also convert old drawers into more shelving units — and get 'em painted in whatever colors you want:

    12. If you're not into installing shelves, these hanging flower pots would also work:

    Christine Delepierre / Via

    13. As do these ceramic lil...attachments? Wall pockets? Accoutrement? You get the picture.

    Shelly / Via

    14. Of course, this IKEA trolley is a classic storage solution standby:

    15. And finally, put extra shower rings to work with a few well-placed metal clips!

    GuideAstuces / Via

    Et voilà! (Just make sure the clips are good and strong so no one gets clobbered by falling bottles).

    This post was translated from French.

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