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21 Celebs Who You May Not Have Known Were Related To Other Celebs

In case you didn't already know!

1. The actress Dakota Johnson is the daughter of the Oscar-nominated actress Melanie Griffith, who is known for her roles in '80s movies like Body Double, Working Girl, and Something Wild.

2. Actress Tracee Ellis Ross, who stars in Black-ish, is the daughter of the legendary singer, Diana Ross.

3. Of course, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal are siblings, but you knew that, right?

4. Rooney Mara is Kate Mara's younger sister, and they're both actors.

5. The singer Brandy is a cousin to the rapper Snoop Dogg.

6. Alfie Allen, who you may have seen in Game of Thrones series as Theon Greyjoy, is the brother of British singer, Lily Allen.

7. Plus, acting clearly runs in the Roberts family, considering that Emma Roberts is the daughter of Eric Roberts, who in turn is the brother of, yes, Julia Roberts.

8. The star of the Black-ish and Grown-ish series, Yara Shahidi, is the cousin of the rapper, Nas.

9. Jason Momoa, also of Game of Thrones fame, is Zoë Kravitz's stepfather.

10. And finally, it's always a good reminder that musical superstars Solange (Knowles) and Beyoncé (Knowles) are sisters.

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This post was translated from French.