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Graduating College According To The "Guardians Of The Galaxy"

In times of need, just remember how adorable Baby Groot is.

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You did it. You reached the finish line! But have to be a real adult now.


*Spoiler alert: no one is ready

You may or may not still be in denial about that.


We'll work our way towards acceptance at a later point


But first, it's time to celebrate. You worked hard so you deserve it!


Senior bar crawl, anyone?

But wait - suddenly, your family begins to ask you what your post-grad plans are


Everyone loves a good existential crisis

And you're just doing the best you can at the moment...


Hey, part of a plan is better than no plan, am I right?

Thankfully, you and your friends support each other through this


The answer is yes. Please do a service and hug any graduates you see.

And you soon realize your friends are in the same boat and you're not alone. Post-grads unite!


*Gets emotional*

So, good luck my fellow post-grads. You got this.


Just remember, never stop dancing


Even if your life is in shambles, dancing is key

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