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    • jenniferlynnv

      I want to say something from 18 years of suffering and being diagnosed with extreme GAD (Generalised anxiety disorder) and Panic disorder. I’m am a BIT confused as to why she’d take a photo. But to each there own I guess?
      I used to lie awake every, single night and have panic attacks. I would cry myself (eventually) to sleep every night for years.
      I was diagnosed when I was 16 and thought I was having a heart attack for absolutely no reason. I was having a conversation on my phone with my friend (about nothing bad or stressful either). And it just BAM! Happened! My mom took me to the ER/A&E and from that night forward I suffered day in and out. From different doctors and every medication you could think of! As they kept changing my anxiety meds it got worse and worse. Finally at the age of 29 I’d had enough! Enough of the attacks, enough of the withdrawal symptoms and enough of being dependent on pills/tablets.
      I went to a doctor who weaned me off my tablets (Valium) in less than 3 months after YEARS of depending on a dose so high that if a person who didn’t suffer from anxiety was to take it - they’d OD. It just made me normal. I worked/had friends/boyfriends/relationships/went out. You’d never know unless I told you of my disease.
      I’m now 34 and I haven’t taken a thing for my anxiety. I have about 1-3 attacks a year but I now know how to control them for the most part. Is it still scary? HELL YES! But I know that it will pass and the important thing is to not only educate yourself - but your friends and family and even colleagues! They should know how to help you if one does happen. Everyone is different when experiencing an attack. Mine start out with my hands feeling tingly and then I start to feel like I can’t breathe and my heart is pounding so fast and hard that it feels like I can hear it outside of my body - like it’s going to explode! I cant function and my head feels fuzzy and numb and I cry uncontrollably. Then from the effects of the adrenaline rush (about 30-45 mins later) my body feels like I’ve been hit by a truck and I feel extremely drowsy like I could sleep for days. I’m sure mine is different and all the same to others out there suffering with this debilitating mental disease.
      Please educate everyone you can. And if someone you know says ‘just calm down. It’s in your head’ - educate them once more and if they STILL don’t listen - tell them to FUCK OFF??

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