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    Top 10 Beautiful Brunch Bars

    Delicious noms combined with a slow-to-start weekend morning? Sign me up!

    10. Mimosa Bar


    Think outside the box, and pair your bubbly with a variety of different juices. Fresh fruit, such as peaches or raspberries, is also a nice touch.

    9. Yogurt Bar


    Keep it simple with a yogurt-and-berry combination. If you want to take it a step further, mix up your own custom granola!

    8. Smoothie Bar


    Fresh fruit smoothies can provide a great jumpstart to the day (especially if you toss in a handful of greens).

    7. Oatmeal Bar


    From cinnamon and brown sugar to fresh (or dried) fruit, the options for oatmeal add-ins are plentiful.

    6. Cereal Bar


    Whether you go the sweet and sugary route or you opt for more “grown-up” fare, a cereal bar can be great for guests of all ages.

    5. Crepe Bar


    Try different savory and sweet fillings. You can even whip up different flavors of batter for added variety.

    4. Biscuit Bar


    Specialty jams and local honey top the list of scrumptious spreads for biscuits.

    3. Donut Bar


    It would be easy to sit out an assortment of pre-decorated, bakery-bought donuts, but the opportunity to choose your own icing and toppings makes for a fun brunch that’s sure to be remembered.

    2. Coffee Bar


    Wake up with a fun coffee bar that has something for everyone. Besides regular coffee, decaf, and espresso drinks, offer up a variety of add-ins, such as different flavored syrups, cocoa, and whipped cream.

    1. Waffle Bar


    What’s more “classic brunch” than waffles? Besides the obvious toppings of syrup, fruit, and whipped cream, get a creative and treat guests to a unique experience by providing toasted pecans, peanut butter, or lemon curd.

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