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    • jenniferleannh

      I get where you’re coming from, and I actually do agree about the Porgy and Bess thing, you can’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it, as the saying goes. Now as for Gaga, he’s half right. To say it was a travesty, is a little overboard, I can think of worse performances I’ve seen, live or otherwise. Hers was not one of them, at least to me. It wasn’t great, but it was good, considering it’s Gaga and she’s had never shown how versatile she truly is until then. But he’s right about that it’s her versatility we liked, not the actual performance, which I had to admit is true. BUT her being as versatile as she is is a start, I think anyway.
      I’m not teh biggest Sondheim fan, there’s other composers stuff I’d rather listen to and/or perform daily, BUT the man is a genius, I’m not deny that.

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