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When Not To Use Social Media

A guide to the times you should probably just leave your phone in your pocket.

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1. In The Bathroom

It's gross. You really shouldn't need much more explanation than that, but in case you do, I'll elaborate. Don't write status updates about pooping and don't take pictures of yourself in the bathroom. The only exception to this rule is if you have become trapped in a bathroom and a Facebook status is somehow your only hope for escape.


While the jury was out on this gentleman's trial, a friend asked him on Facebook how he thought things were going. He replied, "Yeah I think I get away with it tbh." Unfortunately that counted as new evidence, and the MENSA member was forced to change his plea to guilty.


The awesome guy on the right is Isaiah Cutler. He burglarized a market with the other two guys (who were at least smart enough to be juveniles so their pictures can't be shown) and then made sure to take of his shirt before posing with their haul.

3. At A Funeral

Again, this is something I wish was not a real problem. But it is. People, please if you just pick one of these rules to follow, make it me this one. No one wants to see you pose posthumously with your Nan. No one.

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