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11 Cute Fruits & Vegetables

Just a little something to brighten everyone's day! Lets face it, after everything this week we all need a little palette cleanser.

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  • 1. Bunny Tomato

  • 2. Heart Shaped Watermelon

  • 3. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

  • 4. Teddy Bear Potato

  • 5. iPod Apples

    I heard Apple didn't include a camera on these either.

  • 6. Duck Squash

  • 7. Heart and Star Zucchini

  • 8. Square Watermelons

    Kind of like bonsai kittens, but cuter!

  • 9. Potato Heart

  • 10. Buddha Pears

  • 11. Watermelon Kittens

    Okay, so these weren't really grown in the shape of kittens but they are trying really really hard!

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