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      I believe you also forgot Martin Van Buren Bates, who was a Captain in the Confederate Army, and his first wife, Anna Swann. He was my grandmother’s cousin. His first marriage was to the world’s tallest woman, Anna Swann; his second marriage was to Annette Weatherby. He spent some time traveling with the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Capt. Bates was very active in his church. Family and friends called him “Uncle Bates,” a title of respect at that time; to his church family he was Uncle Brother Bates. He is said to have been 7’9” by some sources & 7’11” by others. He died in 1919 at the grand old age of 81.

    • jennifercherryr

      What’s even funnier than the exchange between Sandy the Customer and Marc the Pigalle chef is when you do a Yahoo search for the phrase “pumpkin pie vomit,” No. 6 on the list of results is the recipe for Pigalle’s Pumpkin Pie. One result is a home remedy for a blockage in a dog’s digestive system, and the others are instructions on making the vomiting pumpkin jack’o’lantern for Halloween. How funny is that?!

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