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15 Reasons Mom Is The Best

Hey MOM. You are 60. That's a bad-ass achievement and you deserve some recognition. So, here are the reasons we think you're pretty cool.

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15. Mom's gotta bag for that...and she's not afraid to use it.

Need to haul some library books or an illegal stash of snacks into the movies? Mom's got your back.

14. She always encouraged a healthy love of reading.

Even when it meant sitting through 9+ hours of Lord of the Rings movies and countless Harry Potter flicks.

13. Speaking of movies, she's a cinema buff.

She specializes in the first 30 minutes.

She specializes in the first 30 minutes.

12. She's a great communicator. You can tell her anything.

Just pretend she's your friend.

11. And most importantly, she never yells.

She's just animated.

10. She's awesome at giving directions.

She'll even draw you a map. Landmarks included.

9. She's always willing to spot you some cash.

And she makes it easy to pay her back. As long as you know basic calculus and use PayPal.

8. She cannot resist all those tempting "As Seen on TV" products.

Watch out CVS endcap. Mom's coming for you.

7. She takes resourcefulness to a new level.

"Don't buy that, I can make it!" --Mom

6. Mom snapping and dancing in her spiffy new outfit IS ALL OF US.


5. She has a sixth sense: She always knows where the bathroom is.

Let's all take a moment to remember the inflatable road trip potty.

4. She also has a seventh sense: Knowing when the dogs need to go out.


3. She's always prepared for a celebration.

Especially if it's Christmas in July.

2. She's an amazingly thoughtful and generous person and will help anyone who needs it.

Watch out Angel Tree. Mom's coming for you.

1. And finally, she's always willing to laugh at herself. Which is awesome, because Mom's got the best laugh.

Happy Birthday Mom! You make life interesting and fun and we LOVE you for it!!!

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