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People Are Debating What The End Piece Of Bread Is Called, And Now I'm Dying To Know What You Call It

The correct answer is the butt. 🍞

A few days ago on Twitter, I saw a viral tweet from user @NoContextBrits that had me questioning my entire life.

Bert Folsom / Alamy Stock Photo / Via Twitter: @nocontextbrits

It's a simple question I've always thought there was only one answer to: "What do you call the end piece of bread?"

The end piece of bread

The post now has over 96,000 likes, with people from all over the world sounding off in the replies. It was definitely amusing to see what people from different countries called it.

One of the most popular replies was "the butt." (I grew up in the US, and this is what I call it.)

@NoContextBrits I call it the bread’s butt

Twitter: @ZinumTheFwoof

Another common response was "the heel."

Twitter: @conorab75

Many others said they called it the "crust," which I personally find confusing because if that's the case, then what do y'all call the brown outer part of the bread?

Twitter: @aarthi74

Interestingly enough, some people didn't have a name for it.

Twitter: @Impossible_Joe

Someone from Scotland said they called it an "outsider," which is a bit sad, don't you think?

@NoContextBrits In Scotland it's an 'outsider.'

Twitter: @Uncle_Pigfoot

Another person claimed to refer to it as "Dad's piece," and I still can't tell if this was a joke or not.

Twitter: @IsoJack

And finally, someone from Sweden said they called it "skalken," which they say translates to "he who is first to the battle." But according to Google Translate, it means "the shell."

@NoContextBrits In my region in Sweden we call int "Skalken", an old norse word meaning "He who is first to the battle"

Twitter: @figgehn

And here I thought "the butt" was a clever name.

Now I want to know what you think...

Let me know in the comments!