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    21 Iconic Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Recent TV Shows

    If you can't decide what to dress up as for Halloween, let TV from the last two years inspire you.

    The last two years have been filled with tons of new TV shows — which is amazing, because that means there are a lot of new possibilities for Halloween costumes!

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    Since last Halloween was nonexistent for most and this year's date is quickly approaching, here are 21 possible costume ideas that didn't exist two years ago — all inspired by recent TV shows.

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    1. This one seems obvious, but if you're looking for a group costume, grab some friends and dress as the workers in Squid Game.

    People wearing hazmat-like suit with face masks featuring different shapes
    Giuseppe Cacace / AFP via Getty Images

    2. Or, tbh, dress as any of the characters from the show, including these evil animal men.

    People wearing metallic headpieces to look like different animals including a ram and and owl
    Noh Juhan / Netflix

    3. You could even dress as one of the players, including Han Mi-nyeo.

    Han Mi-nyeo giving the middle finger as she sits in bed and has a snack
    Noh Juhan / Netflix

    4. If you're feeling adventurous, you could be one of the Pogues from Outer Banks.

    The Pogues dressed cassually

    5. Or, for something a little more preppy, dress as one of the new members in the Gossip Girl reboot.

    Jose Perez / Getty Images

    6. Channel your inner chess genius as Beth Harmon from Queen's Gambit.

    Beth wearing a short-sleeved blouse and a headband
    Courtesy Of Netflix / COURTESY OF NETFLIX

    7. Dig out your favorite army green jacket and record the night away as John Wilson from his show, How To with John Wilson.

    John standing on a street corner holding a large camera
    Courtesy of HBO/ COURTESY OF HBO

    8. Grab your bestie and be this dynamic duo from The White Lotus.

    Two teens sitting by the pool reading
    Courtesy of HBO/ COURTESY OF HBO

    9. Buy some antlers and you could even be Gus from Sweet Tooth.

    Gus standing in the woods with his antler ears
    Kirsty Griffin / Photo by Kirsty Griffin/2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

    10. If you want to be really bold this year, be Emily in Paris, because, well, there's nothing scarier than an American tourist in Europe.

    Emily taking a selfie with the Paris skyline behind her

    11. Or throw on your best suit and become Fran Lebowitz in her show, Pretend It's a City.

    Fran smilies as she sits at a table in a dress shirt and blazer
    Courtesy Of Netflix / COURTESY OF NETFLIX

    12. Flaunt a wig and poofy dress this year as a Bridgerton character.


    13. Take some more 18th century inspiration from any character in The Great.

    Andrea Pirrello / Hulu

    14. Throw on a crazy robe and become Hatter from Alice in Borderland.

    Haro Aso, Shogakukan / ROBOT

    15. Or be ultra-cool Robyn from High Fidelity.

    Robyn wearing a plain t-shirt and plaid dress with a pleated skirt
    Phillip Caruso / Hulu

    16. And, of course, you could always be Charli and Dixie D'Amelio from their new show, The D'Amelio Show.

    Denise Crew / Hulu

    17. Although it would probably be funnier if you dressed up as their parents.

    Denise Crew / Hulu

    18. Transport back to middle school with your BFF as Anna and Maya from PEN15.

    Anna and Maya show off their braces as they stand by locker with their backpacks
    Lara Solanki / Hulu

    19. Of course, you can also strap on your heels and dress as the ladies from Selling Sunset.

    Courtesy of Netflix / COURTESY OF NETFLIX

    20. Or get down to business as the group from Reservation Dogs.

    The group walking in matching suits and ties
    Shane Brown / FX on Hulu

    21. You could even use that same costume and say you're literally anybody from Succession.

    David M. Russell / HBO

    Share your costume ideas in the comments!

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