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    Apparently, You Can Wear Necklaces Made From Literal Semen Now — "Jizzy Jewelry" Is Going Viral, And We Must Discuss This

    Just when I thought I've seen it all...

    I saw a viral TikTok about "Jizzy Jewelry" the other day, and that's when it came to my attention that people are buying jewelry made from, uh, male bodily fluids.

    Trinkets by Amanda Booth, a custom order jewelry business, is selling "Jizzy Jewelry," and it's exactly what it sounds like — rings, necklaces, and bracelets that are made from literal semen.

    The clip, which now has over 1.7 million views, spawned a LOT of mixed feelings among commenters.

    One person said, "My jaw is on the floor"

    Some people loved it.

    Another said, "You make jewelry out of children (laughing, crying emoji) new way of parenting (3 laughing, crying emojis) love this"

    Others didn't seem to approve as much.

    To learn more about Jizzy Jewelry, BuzzFeed reached out to business owner Amanda, who started making custom order jewelry pieces in early 2021. "I joked about putting semen into pieces, and I didn't realize that people were serious about it," she told BuzzFeed. "I started to get serious requests for it."

    Before the surge of Jizzy Jewelry requests, Amanda had been known to make original accessories from sculpting clay.

    It wasn't until a friend requested some jewelry to be made from ashes that she started to use unconventional materials.

    "I had a friend who tragically lost her son in an accident, and she asked me if I could incorporate his ashes into some memorial jewelry for her," she said. "I had never worked with ashes before, but I said yes anyways, and it turned out beautiful."

    "I then had another friend who asked if I could use breast milk to make some pieces, so I experimented and figured that out. And then the requests just kind of kept coming in from there."

    Shortly after, Amanda had joked about making some pieces with semen. The rest was history.

    A closeup of a multicolored bracelet, necklace, and ring

    For those curious about the process, it starts after a customer requests a Jizzy Jewelry piece on the business website. Then, they can send their samples via mail to Amanda.

    Once the sample is received, she combines it with a solution to turn it into a powder. From there, she incorporates the powder into a translucent clay, which will be shaped into a unique piece of jewelry.

    Amanda measuring out powder from a plastic bag

    One Jizzy Jewelry piece starts at $110 CAD, which would be about $80 USD.

    So, why on earth would someone want to buy a bracelet with some semen in it?

    "A lot of my clients get it because it signifies the passion and intimacy in their relationship," Amanda said in a TikTok. "Some people get them as vasectomy gifts or to symbolize their fertility journeys, and some people just get it for jokes."

    And for all the people with vaginas who feel left out right now — don't worry, Amanda can also use your bodily fluids to make Jizzy Jewelry pieces.

    "I've had females request that and we have said yes," Amanda said. "It's not just semen, it's female secretions as well."

    What do you think? Let me know in the comments.