Hailey Bieber Swears By This Chocolate Banana Pancake Recipe, So I Tried It And It's The Only Thing I'll Be Eating For Breakfast For A While

    Still thinking about these pancakes.

    Hi, I'm Jen, and I recreate a lot of viral recipes! I'll be starting a biweekly series where I try recipes that are trending in pop culture — also some recipes that just look good.

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    I'm always on the lookout for new breakfast ideas, so when I saw that Hailey Bieber shared her go-to pancake recipe, I knew I had to try it for myself.

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    In the YouTube video shown below, Hailey walks us through how she makes the most important meal of the day. She ends up with chocolate-flavored pancakes topped with bananas, coconut cream, and, of course, maple syrup.

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    After taking the first bite of her creation in the video, Hailey raves about how delicious they are. "I'm not gonna lie I've outdone myself," she said. "These are so fucking good."

    Chocolate chip pancakes aren't anything new per se, but I was mostly curious about how the coconut cream would taste as a pancake topping — it seemed SO good!

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    As promised, I decided to try out the recipe myself, which I get into below. I also made a TikTok of the entire process, if you're more of a video person.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not a professional chef. I'm just a person who likes to cook and eat good food. I also live in a studio apartment so my kitchen is somewhat limited in size. Anyway, I hope that this will inspire some people to try out some new recipes!

    Here's everything I got, as well as the measurements Hailey used in the video above.

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    I began with the pancake batter and measured out one cup of pre-made mix into a bowl.

    bowl of pancake batter

    I then added roughly four tablespoons of chocolate protein powder. Since Hailey used the Orgain brand, I went out and bought a powder made by the same company, but I'm sure any brand of chocolate protein powder would work well for this.

    chocolate protein powder being added to the bowl

    After adding the powder to the mix, I added 3/4 cup of this plant-based milk from Trader Joe's. Hailey uses unsweetened almond milk in her recipe, so I figured this was close enough.

    the almond milk in the author's hands

    I followed that with 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract...

    vanilla extract

    ...and one egg. Then, I mixed!

    an egg added to the bowl

    I ended up adding another splash of milk since I initially had a pretty thick batter. After incorporating more liquid, the batter was smooth and silky.

    fork going through the mixed batter

    As the final step for the batter, I added one cup of dark chocolate chips — but obviously, add however much you want!

    chocolate being added to the mix

    After tossing in a spoonful of butter to my pan, and setting the heat on medium-low, I eagerly cooked these beauties up. I will note that I had more luck getting a perfectly golden brown color when I made smaller pancakes (about 1/4 cup of batter) — if there's too much batter per cake, it'll burn and be undercooked in the middle.

    batter added to the pan

    That said, my first pancake burned and the chocolate was melting all over the pan, so I turned the heat down a little lower.

    pancake turning dark

    After doing so, my second attempt was much better and the rest of the batch came out amazingly! Altogether, the batter made about seven pancakes, but I ended up throwing the first one away since it was so burned.

    golden pancake on the pan

    Once I was done cooking everything, I plated my masterpiece, topping the cakes with bananas, coconut cream, and maple syrup. I was SO excited to dig in.

    the pancakes plated with toppings

    After taking the first bite, I was AMAZED. The flavors of the chocolate, bananas, and coconut cream worked so well together, and the cakes themselves were so rich and chocolatey from the protein powder. I don't think I've ever been more impressed with homemade pancakes!

    author with the plate of pancakes

    I would definitely recommend this to people with a sweet tooth! It's honestly so good. Plus, it's really filling. I was only able to finish two pancakes, and it kept me full for six-ish hours. I can definitely see myself making a big batch of these on the weekends and then eating them throughout the week.

    plate of pancakes

    Oh, and here's the TikTok again, if you want to check it out or follow me for more recipes!


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