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Dream Blunt Rotation Vs. Nightmare Blunt Rotation — Tell Me Who's In Yours

Seth Rogen is obviously in my dream blunt rotation.

You may remember a certain set of memes that broke the internet early last year:

Columbia Pictures / Twitter: @37Ljp

A dream blunt rotation — aka the group of celebrities or fictional characters you'd theoretically like to smoke weed with because, well, they'd be a great time.

20th Century Fox / Twitter: @AndreaRussett

It's like the new version of Who's your dream dinner party guest?

Twitter: @LilNasX

And then we have a nightmare blunt rotation, which is the opposite, as the name implies. The smoke circle that would come back to haunt you. (The way this one aged tho):

Twitter: @evilsarita

I relate:

nightmare blunt rotation but it’s just me when i was 14 me when i was 17 me when i was 21 and me when i was 25.

Twitter: @grenverdaves

There are surely some obvious contenders for your dream blunt rotation...

...And of course some people you'd be paranoid AF around...

But I wanna know...

Which celebrities would make it into your dream blunt rotation? And which ones in your nightmare?

Let me know in the comments! The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.