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    These Sisters-In-Law Had A Falling Out After One Of Them "Left A Mess On Her Period," And The Internet Had A Lot To Say

    "It looked like a massacre."

    As a nosy and curious person, I love reading through the Am I the Asshole? subreddit. And the other day, I saw a post that had me like:

    Basically, this woman confided in the forum because her sister-in-law was planning on staying with them, and she had a history of leaving period stains on their bed. Now, the woman is wondering if it would be out of line for her to refuse her SIL from sleeping over because of those incidents.

    an illustration of a period stain on a person's underwear

    Here's the full situation, as told by the woman, u/cecimagna:

    "My sister-in-law invited herself to my home to stay for Thanksgiving, but I don’t want her sleeping at my home if she’s on her period. A few times in the past she has come to my home and stayed while she has been on her period. Both times she slept in our guest room and ruined our sheets and mattress pads. It looked like a massacre."

    a person putting sheets in a washing machine

    "To make matters worse, she didn’t tell us; we had to find the disgusting sheets in our laundry and find the blood stains on the mattress pad. Not only that — she has left tampon wrappers and bloody tampons in the toilet without flushing and blood on the toilet and inside of the toilet seat."

    a bathroom

    "I told my husband to say something to his sister, but he was too embarrassed to say anything. I figured I wouldn’t say anything because she was moving out of the country and l didn’t expect her to visit anymore."

    "Well she just informed us that she’s coming for Thanksgiving, and I informed her that I don’t want her sleeping over if she’s on her period because the last few times she left a nasty mess while on her period and it was disgusting."

    a bedroom with a "be our guest" sign on the door

    "She cursed me out and called me a rude bitch and said that’s why no one in her family likes me — they only tolerate me because I’m married to her brother. I told her that’s fine, and I'm not tolerating a grown woman staying in my home that can't control and clean up after herself while on her period."

    underwear with a period stain

    "I understand having heavy periods, but to leave a mess for everyone to see and to clean up is absolutely disgusting. Should I have just kept quiet, or am I the asshole for telling her she can’t come if she’s on her period?"

    Personally, I gasped a few times reading that.

    Other redditors seemed to be in shock too. One person who goes by u/brainfreeze4445 voted that the woman was not the asshole in this instance.

    "Not the asshole — that's just gross," they said.

    "I was all ready to jump your ass, but I don't blame you one little bit. It's unsanitary and rude for her to do that."

    Another person who goes by u/TinyRascalSaurus concurred.

    "Twelve-year-olds who've just started their periods can understand wiping up and properly disposing of products. So there's no reason a grown woman can't."

    And someone else with the username u/lapsteelguitar shined a light on another issue.

    "Two separate issues in my mind.

    She invited herself. Reason enough to say no.

    If she won't take care of herself, and won't clean up after herself, reason enough to say no.

    Together, not a chance would I let her stay in my house."

    What do you think u/cecimagna should do? Let me know in the comments!

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.