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    This Groom Didn't Allow His Brother's Kid To Attend His Child-Free Wedding, And Now The Parents Are Livid — Tell Me What You Think Of The Situation

    "My brother told me this might cause a rift in our relationship."

    I check the Am I The Asshole? subreddit pretty regularly, and there have been so many threads involving weddings lately.

    Recently, I came across a post where a man didn't invite his baby nephew to his wedding, which led to a family quarrel. Here's what happened, as told by the man, u/throwaway3373123:

    "My fiancée (F) and I (M) are getting married. We've decided wedding's gonna be childfree. No hate towards children just to keep it more organized and contained."

    wedding cake toppers

    "My brother 'Chris' (M) and his wife (F) have a three-year-old son who everyone calls 'miracle' or 'rainbow baby.' He came after several failed pregnancies that lasted for years."

    kid playing with toys

    "When they found out that my nephew was included in the no-children rule; they tried to convince me to make an exception for him. Chris told me his son is a miracle baby and his presence at the wedding will bring 'blessings' for me and my fiancée. I refused and said no, and that the wedding is childfree. Despite that, his wife kept sending my fiancée pics of my nephew when he was months old. I told them no, and to stop."

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    "My brother told me this might cause a rift in our relationship, I again said no and explained that the wedding is childfree. He asked again and pointed out how his baby is different since he's a rainbow, a miracle baby. I again said no and explained that the wedding is childfree."

    "They brought it up when they visited at my home and I knew they weren't going to stop, so I made flash cards in advance with the phrase 'the wedding is childfree, period.' I pulled them out and started slowly showing them the flash cards one by one in this order: 'The wedding (with a sticker of bride and groom). Is Child (with a sticker of a baby). FREEE (with a sticker of a 🚫 sign). PERIOD (with a huge, black dot sticker).'"

    hands taking notes

    "They both were stunned. I asked if they get it now and Chris had lost his shit. His wife had already grabbed her stuff and walked out. Chris called me an asshole for doing this and said that I disrespected him, his wife, and their son who's my one and only nephew. He rushed out after we argued."

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    "My fiancée saw the whole thing and thought that it was funny but my parents and Chris are livid beyond measure. They're telling everyone about the amount of disrespect and mockery I had displayed towards them and I'm being told to 'fix it' now."

    Personally, I thought the flash card bit was pretty funny.

    It seems like other Redditors were amused, too. One user who goes by u/Dipping_My_Toes decided that the man definitely wasn't the asshole in this situation.

    "Well, I suppose you could have used hand puppets instead, but flashcards seem to have gotten the message across," they said.

    "It makes me insane how some parents think their little bundle of joy should be allowed anywhere, any place, anytime and that 'no' never applies to them. It's pretty clear they were going to run this horse right up to the altar."

    Another person with the username u/Fabulous-Ad-5284 gave their perspective on the situation, as someone who is infertile.

    "I wanted kids all my life, me and hubby tried for years, it will never happen. Trying almost killed me, so I had to choose: keep trying and die, or stop," they said.

    "I would have LOVED to help hold the flashcards for you!!! Hell, I would have gone full blown interpretative dance for you, if that is what it took to get it through their thick skulls that the wedding is gonna be childfree. It's YOUR wedding, YOUR rules. NTA, at all."

    And finally, someone else who goes by u/Choice_Werewolf1259 gave the man some advice.

    "The fact that both the brother/sister-in-law and OP’s parents are angry speaks volumes about how they all thought that nephew was going to be the exception to the rule. I think OP needs to have a serious conversation with his parents about how his brother was crossing a line with him and also his fiancée by trying to guilt her into bending. If they continue to be angry about it, then he can give them a choice, either stop talking about it or not go."

    So, there you have it. The wedding seems to be happening without the nephew in attendance. What do you think? Would you have allowed the nephew to come? Or do you think the OP is right in sticking by his original rule? Let me know in the comments, I can't get enough of this story.