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    Tell Me About Your Job — Did You Pick Money Over Passion?

    The most difficult decision of all.

    I like to think that there are three kinds of jobs.

    There are "money jobs"....

    ...there are "passion jobs"....

    ...and then there are jobs that are a combination of both.

    Consider yourself lucky if you have a job that is both fulfilling and makes you a lot of money.

    Most of us, however, have to choose between money and passion at work, at least at first.

    Maybe you decided on passion — you turned down that engineering job and decided to pursue your dreams of becoming an actor, and could not be more pleased with that decision.

    Or perhaps you chose whatever would get you the biggest paycheck — you didn't go through with filmmaking, but instead took up a corporate job, and are now happily rolling in cash.

    Or maybe, you chose a job that you're now starting to have second thoughts about, whether it be money or passion.

    Now I want to know...

    Did you choose a "money job" or a "passion job" — and was it worth it?

    Let me know in the comments! The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.