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"A Bill For 8 Cents": People Have Strong Opinions On How This Man Should Pay Back His Ex Employer

Y'all are petty, and I'm here for it.

The other day, I saw a rather interesting post on Reddit from user u/Gordsnacks, who asked for advice on how he should pay an unwelcomed bill:

Basically, his former employer accidentally paid him eight cents extra on his last check, and they want their change back. So, he seems to want to have a little fun with paying it back.

A bill for 8 cents

People in the responses offered different ways he could send the money, ranging from petty to pettier, and I'm honestly very entertained. Here are some of the best ideas:

One user, who goes by u/otacon7000, suggested that he pay a little bit each month, joking that the original poster tell his old employer something like:

"I'm a little short on money currently, could I pay in installments?" 

Another user, u/clyde_the_ghost, offered something similar, with a few more measures OP could take:

"Each month, pay a single penny, but in a stamped envelope they provide. Ask them to mail confirmation receipts for each payment."

Someone else, who goes by u/Alternative_Bench_40, also brought up a very good alternative if OP was short on change:

"Not cash. Credit card," they said.

"Credit cards charge a processing fee to the person getting the payment (usually a flat fee plus a percentage)."

And as if the bank of vengeful ideas wasn't full enough, user u/jynsweet added this:

"Every 20 days or so, call to tell them how sorry you were that you lost the statement, and can they please send a new one?" they said.

"If they try to tell you the amount so you can just pay it, insist you'd like to have it 'for your records' before you pay. Hang up if they get hostile. Call back the next day as if it never happened." 

Now, I'm curious...

Oh, and did I mention that the plot thickens? After the Reddit post got more than 54,000 upvotes, the original poster updated everyone, saying that multiple people had messaged him with similar stories:

Looks like some employers really need to get it together!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.