I’m Japanese – Here Are 14 Of My Favorite Snacks I Recommend From The Japanese Grocery Store

    Just a few of my favorites.

    Hi! I'm Jen, and I love cooking and trying new food. Growing up, I'd spend my summers in Tokyo with my grandmother, where I had ample opportunity to try all kinds of snacks. It was truly a blessing.

    the author outside with a snack

    I felt it was my duty to make a Japanese snack guide because I'm a woman of the people, and I realize that the aisles of Asian grocery stores can be pretty intimidating if you don't know what you're looking for. So, without further ado, here are 14 of my favorites:

    1. Noriten "Soy Sauce Tempura Seaweed Snack"

    packaged seaweed

    2. Choco & Coffee Biscuits

    box of the coffee biscuits

    3. Meiji Galbo Chocolates

    small bag of the chocolates

    4. Calbee Honey Butter Potato Chips

    bag of chips

    5. Calbee Seaweed & Salt Potato Chips

    bag of chips

    6. Raisinne Biscuits

    box of biscuits

    7. Caramel Corn Puffs

    bag of the snack in the aisle

    8. Babystar Ramen Snacks

    bag of spicy ramen snack

    9. Arare

    clear bag of the seaweed cracker snack

    10. Pure Gummies

    small package of grape gummies

    11. Hi-Chew

    small square package of candies

    12. Almond Crush Pocky

    box of pocky sticks

    13. Toppo

    small box of pretzel sticks

    And finally, 14. Sweet Rice Crackers

    clear package of the small cakes

    What are some of your favorite Asian grocery store snacks? Let me know in the comments!