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Woah, Blake Lively Is Related To Coach Bolton From "High School Musical"

Crashing the next family reunion.

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This is Coach Bolton from High School Musical — also known as actor Bart Johnson.

DIsney Channel

Bart is a really cool dude who is super nice to High School Musical fans who low-key freak out when they run into him in public:

He gets that so often that he had to update his Instagram bio:

Guys, I think we all need to start watching Gortimer Gibbons...
Instagram / Via Instagram: @bart_johnson

Guys, I think we all need to start watching Gortimer Gibbons...

Anyways, when that Insta video went semi-viral, I did what any good HSM fan would do and scrolled through his page. And that's when I found THIS:

I was...confused. Why was Coach Bolton's son chillin' with Blake Lively on Fallon? So I looked a little closer at the hashtags:

Instagram / Via Instagram: @bart_johnson

Cool Aunt? As in, Aunt Blake Lively? As in Aunt Serena van der Woodsen? Yup, it turns out Bart is married to Blake's sister Robyn Lively.

Robyn is Blake's half-sister on her dad's side.

(Psst...if you are a child of the late '80s you will also remember Robyn's amazing and iconic performance in Teen Witch!)

Trans World Entertainment

So, yes Robyn Lively and Bart Johnson are married and they're just precious together:

Instagram: @bart_johnson

And basically, Robyn and Blake are the cutest siblings of all time.

And here they are excluding Anna Wintour who is clearly like, "Wow, these Lively sisters sure are lively!"

Instagram: @robynlively

Anyways, here's Bart and Robyn together celebrating High School Musical. They are just the loveliest couple ever and I am now very invested in their entire family:

Instagram: @robynlively