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    Feb 25, 2020

    17 Jokes About "The Wizard Of Oz" That Are So Funny And So True

    "A young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again."

    We've all seen The Wizard of Oz approximately a million times, but there are some things that are undeniably and unintentionally funny about the classic movie. My personal favorite has always been when Dorothy delivers this cold line RIGHT IN FRONT OF TIN MAN AND LION!!!!


    Here are some of the funniest and most accurate jokes about the movie:


    Policeman: Name please? Man: The Wizard of Oz Policeman: Your FULL name Man: (quietly) The Wizard of Ounces


    So Glinda said that “only bad witches are ugly” but was asking Dorothy whether she was a good witch or a bad witch. Talk about Glinda the Shady Bitch. #TheWizardOfOz #TCMParty


    Best synopsis of The Wizard of Oz ever written (by TV columnist Rick Polito):


    dorothy waking up at the end of the wizard of oz


    [Dorothy, years after Oz, recounting her adventures to her grandchildren] DOROTHY: *Smiles warmly* When I was your age, I murdered a woman and stole her shoes.


    Dorothy when she first met the Scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz


    DOROTHY: And you, Scarecrow, well I'll miss you most of all. (Tin Man turns to Lion) TIN MAN: What the fuck was that shit?


    In hindsight, The Wicked Witch of the West have EVERY reason to light Dorothy's ass up. How you gonna kill my sister and steal her red bottoms you hillbilly bitch?


    Dorothy: What is that? Scarecrow: Looks like a guy with an ax and a can of lube. I'll ask if he wants to join us.



    The tin man in Wizard of Oz when Dorothy puts the oil on him


    Oz: Tinman, you get a heart. Tinman: Thanks! Oz: Lion, you get courge. Lion: Thanks. Oz: Scarecrow, a brain. Scarecrow: Thanks! Oz: And Dorothy get to go home...I think that's everyone. Toto: What about me? Oz: What do you want? Toto: Hmmm...bless the rains in Africa?


    SCARECROW: im looking for a brain LION: i need courage TIN MAN: i want a heart DOROTHY: i need some more of whatever drug im on rn


    I still think it's sad that since dogs only see in monochrome, the whole B&W to colour transition in 'Wizard Of Oz' was really lost on Toto.


    The Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow were the neediest motherfuckers ever. If i was Dorothy I would'v been like cmon toto lets speed walk, bitch


    [Wizard of Oz] TIN MAN: u see me as just a mound of tin DOROTHY: No! I see a person. It's why I gave u a name T: u did? What D: uh T: Say it


    Glinda: You’ve always had the power Dorothy: the fuck

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