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    All Of Justin Bieber's Friends Are Ignoring Him On FaceTime And I'm Sad

    "Never answer when I need u the most..."

    Hey, Justin Bieber's friends: Quick question for you!

    Why the fuck don't any of you ever pick up your fucking phones?

    Like, what are you doing that's so important right now, Carl?????

    Don't you want to talk to your buddy Justin, Rich?!?!?


    More like Maejor FLAKE, amirite?????

    Seriously, John, Justin's phone is about to die and it's literally 8:38 p.m. WTF IS THAT ABOUT?????

    Wow, even Justin's own sister! His LITERAL flesh and blood! She's 9, apparently has an iPhone, and she STILL doesn't answer. That's cold.

    Now I understand the pain behind these haunting lyrics, Justin, and I am truly sorry.