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Posted on May 10, 2017

This "Wheel Of Fortune" Puzzle Is Confusing The Hell Out Of People


On a recent episode of Wheel Of Fortune, there was one particular puzzle that was quite...puzzling. In the final round (which automatically fills in the letters RSTLNE) the contestant had a board that looked like this:



FOX / Via

One Twitter user was very confused because the answer that made the most sense wasn't quite right:

After the original tweet, several people added their own solutions:

The new blue dress/ gold dress. I saw "F*ck it Work."

sick at work?

My mothers answer to this was lick it dork. But suck it dork works too.

Some people were frustrated:

Love this but we all know that RSTLNE are given so it caN'T POSSIBLY BE SUCK WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS

What else could it be? And how dare Wheel of Fortune tell me to suck it?!?!

Others were amused:

I wouldn't of been able to answer the puzzle because I would be on the floor laughing

The comments on this thread are outstanding

But, finally, the mystery was solved. The answer was...BACK AT WORK.

Watched this tonight and my thought was "suck it work," so I was very impressed when the contestant got "back at wo…

Which is honestly pretty lame compared to all the other glorious possibilities.

CNN / Via
  1. So, what did you see?

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So, what did you see?
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    Suck it dork
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    Sick at work
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    Fuck at work
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    Pick at Pork
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    Lick it dork
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    Back at work
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    Something else, and I'll tell you in the comments!

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