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What Questions Do You Have For Milo Ventimiglia?

This is pups.

Whether you've loved him since he played Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls or you're still weeping every week over Jack Pearson on This Is Us, you've almost definitely crushed on Milo Ventimiglia at one point or another.

Well, the star of the upcoming film The Art of Racing in the Rain is coming to BuzzFeed to play with puppies while answering YOUR fan questions!

Maybe you want to hear all about the new movie...

.@TheArtOfRacing is about a husband. And a father. And a racing driver in addition to having a handsome 4 legged narrator. 😁🐶🏎 #SomethingForEveryone MV

Perhaps you have a lingering Gilmore Girls question for the artist formerly known as Jess:

Or maybe you're just wondering what he's watching on Netflix these days!

Whatever questions you have for Milo, now's your chance to ask! Submit your questions in the DropBox below and yours could be chosen for a BuzzFeed post or video!