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What Is The Most Fucked Up Plot Line From '90s Or '00s Television?

Share your outrage.

Ahh, the '90s and '00s! It was a simpler time, when television seemed like it was pretty great... but was honestly pretty damn problematic.

There are a lot of moments that will make you wonder, "How the fuck did this get approved?" Maybe it was the time Zack Morris made this girl in a wheelchair feel terrible on Saved By The Bell and never saw her again:

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Or the fact that Chuck Bass was an extremely problematic character who tried to sexually assault Jenny Humphrey, and STILL ultimately became the romantic lead of Gossip Girl:

Or perhaps it was that time Pacey Witter was sleeping with his teacher on Dawson's Creek:

Or maybe you just take issue with pretty much anything Ross Geller ever said or did on Friends:

Unfortunately, there are probably tons of more examples just like those! [INSERT HUGE EYEROLL HERE]. Share yours in the DropBox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.