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We Had Loren Gray Take A Millennial Test And Here's How It Went

"I think it's gonna be...Beanie Babies and stuff..."

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Taylor Miller/BuzzFeed

Ever wonder how someone from Gen-Z would do on a BuzzFeed quiz about things from the '90s?

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Well, we put 16-year-old musician Loren Gray to the test to see how well she could answer questions about millennial things.


For any olds who might not be familiar, Loren got her start as a star. She currently has 13.8 million followers on Instagram, 3.2 million YouTube subscribers, and a new single "My Story" that's out now.

Without spoiling too much, she totally nailed many of the questions. Like this one:


But she had no clue who these guys were!


Plus, she hilariously dragged the fact that three of these were REAL NSYNC SONGS. Which is pretty fair, TBH.


Watch the full video of Loren taking the quiz (and her very excellent process of elimination) here:

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Be sure to listen to Loren's single "My Story" available everywhere now.

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