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21 Tweets For Anyone Who Found Their First Gray Before They Could Even Rent A Car

"My gray hairs are like my family. I can joke about them but if you do I’m gonna be pissed."

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1. You started to notice a difference...slowly, and then all at once.

The gray hairs in my beard are getting a lot of new friends That's not good

2. Because those little buggers seem to just pop up every single day...

r u ever 21 yrs old and finding new gray hairs every day and then laugh bc apparently the horrible skin and body type wasn’t enough

3. At first, it's slightly *concerning*.

Anyone else getting increasingly concerned by the number of gray hairs they’ve found up to this point at 23? No? Just me? Well, shit.

4. Should you dye it?

At what point of having gray hairs at 23 do I dye my whole head white and rock “the Khaleesi”

5. Should you pull 'em all out?

me: [embraces the aging process as natural and beautiful] also me: [every gray hair is an aberration and must be plucked]

6. Should you stay away from Dalmatians????

I’m getting a ton of gray hairs but only on the right side of my head so maybe don’t let me near your puppies, just to be safe

7. Should you consider alternative remedies?

I found a gray hair today, a customer once told me that limes or viagra keep away gray hairs. Now I don’t like limes sooo the answer is clear...

8. At times, you've wanted them to slow the heck down...

I'm 22 and getting gray hairs 😑 how do I get rid of this

9. ...or else, you leaned in to the whole aesthetic:

Found two gray hairs so expect more “I’m getting too old for this” tweets in the near future. Also gonna cop a pair of those cookout sandals and a Kangol hat.

10. Because your youth, as you know it, is gone.

Good morning I woke up to find not one but THREE gray hairs on my 23-year-old head. RIP to my youth I guess.

11. And if this is your hair NOW, it's only going to get worse in a few years.

I’m gonna be 24 this year & i already got like 20 gray hairs smh by the time I’m 30 I’m gonna have a head full of gray hairs lol

12. You've had a crisis about it...

My mom pointed out my gray hairs the other day so I ran out and bought hair dye and this is just the beginning of my mid-life crisis

13. ...okay, maybe more than one crisis.

My drivers license says 24 but my ass dimples and gray hairs say middle age crisis.

14. You've even wondered if you're being punished for something.

why do i have so many gray hairs at age 24? the fuck did i do to deserve this

15. Or, maybe it's just your body playing a big ole' prank on you...

I’m telling you, my body should start a prank channel on YouTube. This time is gray hairs at 20! What’s next?

16. One thing is certain: it's DEFINITELY your parents' fault.

I just found 3 gray hairs and immediately texted my dad because it's all his (genetic) fault

17. But, at the end of the day, you've found ways to keep your chin up.

I have a few gray hairs and I keep telling myself they build character lol

18. And you even feel a little possessive about those cute lil' grays...

My gray hairs are like my family. I can joke about them but if you do I’m gonna be pissed

19. ...because gray hair is honestly freakin' sexy:

[Wife sees apparent white hairs on my chin] Wife: Mm...babe. You look so sexy with your gray hair...My man, with the salt n pepa...Love it. You’re so fkin’ hot...mmm...I love you. Me: It’s powder....From donuts. Wife: Why are you so annoying..And fat..And gross...I hate you.


YO idk what it is about gray hair but that's shits sexy


@coulter28 @LetitiaTHELemon Gray hair is beautiful!!!

And if it still bugs you, remember all your friends are going to catch up to you ASAP. 🙃


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