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    23 Jokes About Watching Crime Shows That Are So Accurate

    "He didn't do it. There's too much time left."


    i hate when crime shows are like “her nails are done but they’re a mess so a male had to have done them” like maybe she’s just bad at doing her nails weirdos


    me after binge watching an entire season of criminal minds


    Me brain: you know, you could always fake your death I watch too many crime shows it needs to stop


    On a crime show if they show a persons picture and not them for real, they are a dead Fred.


    my mom yelling at me at 3 am about how important it is for my health AND skin to sleep early and to not stay up watching crime shows on netflix me hitting next on my sixth ncis episode


    I watch way too many crime shows & won’t even let the neighbor come inside my house we just had a 5 minute convo thru the window 😂


    me on ellen ellen: so i hear you like criminal minds! me: yes!! *serial killer walks out and murders me* me: omg ellen you didn’t


    The three (3) types of British crime shows: - title is a surname, makes you sad - title is a place name, makes you sad - “gosh isn’t murder positively beastly, oh well mustn’t let it ruin the village’s Paintings of Fences & Sheep competition, it’s the 50th anniversary after all”


    Being obsessed with crime shows is the new green drink for girls


    Pretty stressed out about how dark the news is recently - better get back to my true crime podcasts, true crime shows, and true crime books


    I watch so much crime shows that when I turn off the TV, I wipe my fingerprints off the remote 😂💀


    She’s watched way too many crime shows.



    As a single loner who is addicted to true crime shows my biggest fear is stumbling across a dead body bc I know my alibi isn’t going to cut it



    Law and Order: Criminal Intent was my favorite of the shows, cause when Detective Goren tilted his head like this... Your ass going under the jail


    [crime show] DETECTIVE: It looks like the guy that inserts dramatic music into our show has been.. *Flintstones theme song plays* Murdered


    Me trying to flirt: Do you like taking naps, and binge watching crime shows?


    My husband has no idea that I’ve watched enough crime shows that I could train the FBI.


    chicago west sounds like the name of nbc’s newest hit crime show lol


    Did you know it was possible to run out of crime shows on Netflix?


    Literally the only area of life I'm successful in is using my vacation days to stay home and binge-watch crime shows.


    *watching any crime show* He didn't do it. There's too much time left.

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