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    Turns Out The Whaboom Guy From "The Bachelorette" Is A Body Shamer Too

    Congrats, you're officially the worst!

    If you watched The Bachelorette premiere you know who Lucas "Whaboom" Yancey is, even though you probably wish you didn't.


    He received Rachel's final rose of the night, and I'm sure there was absolutely zero producer involvement in that decision.

    The main takeaway from this week's premiere episode is that WHABOOM IS THE WORST. But unfortunately, he is even worse than we first thought. Here is an Instagram post he once shared:

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @lucas.yancey

    "This probably should help #McDonalds stock go up. Being fat is the new thin. Who care about #diabetes."

    What a classy guy, amirite??? And when a friend commented saying he was surprised Lucas didn't get "more shit" for this photo given "today's world," he chimed in with this crass and horrible response:

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @lucas.yancey

    Well, here I am, bringing on the shit. Please join me in hoping Rachel comes to her senses and sends this dude home next week.

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @lucas.yancey

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