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    Tom Holland "Spoiled" The Next Spider-Man Movie Title And I'll Never Be Over This Joke

    "I got the new script and I'm super excited to read it..."

    This is Tom Holland — the Spider-Man of our dreams, and the movie spoiler of Marvel's nightmares.

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    His track record of spoiling and almost spoiling movies has become so notable, that it's now a running joke.

    tiny brain: tom holland is bad with spoilers big brain: tom holland being bad with spoilers is actually a manufactured marketing gimmick and he’s in on it galaxy brain: tom holland is bad with spoilers so they only tell him things they want him to leak, he is unaware of this plot

    Anyway, over the weekend, Tom was at Seattle's Ace Comic Con and shared a video on Instagram explaining that there was, sadly, no interesting Spider-Man news to reveal. (Warning: There's an Avengers: Infinity War spoiler in the video, in case you're one of the four people who hasn't seen it yet.)

    "I wanted to apologize because there's no real revelations coming out this weekend about Spider-Man 2. I don't know much about it. I'm a little confused because I died — so, I don't really know how it all comes into play."

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    "But I do know that I got the new script and I'm super excited to read it."

    Instagram / Via

    Okay, pause. That surely says Spider-Man: Far From Home. Which means, that's almost definitely the title of the sequel, right???


    My mood rn:

    Tom: Sorry guys for no new announcements on Spider-Man 2, there won’t be any over the weekend Also Tom: THE SEQUEL IS CALLED SPIDERMAN: FAR FROM HOME Y’ALL

    I'm not sure what "far from home" means, but you KNOW I'm here for this journey:

    spiderman: homecoming (2017) spiderman: far from home (2019) spiderman: even farther from home (2021) spiderman: where the fuck am i (2023)

    There's just NO WAY that was a real spoiler, right? RIGHT???

    wait is spiderman far from home a legit spoiler or is tom fuckin around again i WILL snap this is all ive wanted since 2017 dont touch me

    To summarize: Tom Holland is now (like, 99% definitely) a fake spoiler king...and I can't friggin' wait for the next Spider-Man!


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