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    This Is What That "Crazy Rich Asians" Mid-Credits Scene Was All About

    MY HEART. (Spoilers ahead!)

    If you saw Crazy Rich Asians and sat through the impossibly pretty credits sequence and watched that scene between Astrid and a very handsome stranger — only to hear your whole audience burst into cheers of ecstasy — and found yourself saying, "Hmm, why is this happening?" well then you came to the right post!!!

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    Let's break it down! There's a chance some of those people in your audience were excited over WHO the actor was: Harry Shum Jr. from Glee and, more recently, Shadowhunters.

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    Harry is great! Cheers for Harry!

    But, as a reader of the fantastic Crazy Rich Asians book series by Kevin Kwan, I'm pretty sure the excitement was more about the implications of that scene for the — probable but guys, tell everyone you know to see this movie ten times so we definitely get them — sequels.

    audience at the first #CrazyRichAsiansMovie screening at the Smithsonian SCREAMED when Astrid saw Charlie Wu in the end credits (#SpoilerAlert it’s @HarryShumJr WE DIED)

    In fact, if you're like me and went in having read the books, you were probably pretty disappointed that Charlie's role was relegated to a mere credits scene!

    You see, Harry Shum Jr.'s character is Charlie Wu — Astrid's first love. They were engaged long before Astrid met Michael, and Astrid called things off because her family didn't think Charlie came from a good enough family for Astrid.

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    The "joke" of course is that he was obviously rich — CRAZY RICH, in fact — but he represented the "new money" rather than the "old money" that the Young/Leong family comes from. There's actually an entire plot involving Charlie in the first Crazy Rich Asians book that shows how much he still loves and cares for her after all these years.

    I'm not going to say much else, but the rest of the series explores their relationship a lot more, which is why WE SCREAMED WHEN WE SAW ASTRID LOOK AT CHARLIE!

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    In an interview with EW, Director Jon M. Chu talks about how there was originally an extra scene with Charlie (this dancing moment which actually made its way into the trailer), but ultimately, given the constraints of a two-hour movie, they cut the scene because it made it seem like Astrid was just leaving Michael to be with Charlie and it detracted from her story.

    So, the bottom line is, if you love Queen Astrid and think she deserves absolutely everything good in the world, this scene was a very, very good and exciting glimpse at what's to come for her.

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