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This "iCarly" Star Just Sent A Fan An Autograph 5 Years After She Asked For It

"Sorry again for the ridiculous delay!"

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So remember Freddie from iCarly? Of course you do!


His real name is Nathan Kress and it turns out that while he is good at many things, one of those things is apparently NOT sending mail in a timely manner. In a truly pure tweet, one fan just revealed that Nathan sent her sister an autograph...five years after she asked for it:

my sis wrote a letter to freddy from icarly for a class in 6th grade and he sent this back after 5 years... im cryi…

"Hey Tay, I am SO sorry that this took so long. I just found it after all this time! Hopefully it still finds its way to you! -Nate"

Nickelodeon / Via

And to make the whole thing even cuter, Nathan replied to the tweet apologizing yet again for the delay:

This makes me so happy, I can't believe it made it!!!! Sorry again for the ridiculous delay!

You're forgiven, Nathan. But, I personally just sent you a letter so I'll be lookin' for an autograph by 2022, please!

Nickelodeon / Via

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