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    Posted on Aug 14, 2017

    This Former Disney Star Posted An Epic Throwback Of Himself Making Out With Kim Kardashian

    "Kanye got my sloppy seconds."

    So, remember Phil of the Future — aka one of the greatest Disney Channel shows of our time?

    Disney Channel

    If you do, you probably had a massive crush on star Ricky Ullman.

    Disney Channel

    These days Ricky goes by his birth name, Raviv Ullman...

    ...and he just dropped a doozy of a throwback post on Instagram. There's so much to process, I just need to break the whole thing down. First, let's start with the caption:

    Instagram / Via


    Okay, so, according to Raviv, he and Kim Kardashian played each other's love interests in a 2007 MTV pilot:

    Instagram / Via

    Here they are, just Phil Diffy and Kim Kardashian hanging out like it's NBD...

    Instagram / Via

    Look as Kim gives her onscreen BF a supportive pat on the arm. This is *ACTING*, my friends.

    Instagram / Via

    Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for...the big kiss!

    instagram / Via

    And, see, Ellie Kemper was there too!

    Instagram / Via

    Unfortunately, Raviv didn't unearth any pics of Adam Pally from the project.

    Of course, people had lots of questions — and Raviv had answers. Here's why no one ever saw it:

    Instagram / Via

    Here's how many times they kissed:

    Instagram / Via

    And here's how he feels about the whole thing:

    Instagram / Via

    I have scoured the internet for any further evidence of this amazing project, but like Raviv said, it truly never saw the light of day...

    IMDB / Via

    So for now, we'll have to take the word of Raviv Ullman's Instagram post. 2007! What a damn time to be alive!

    E! / Via

    [H/T Seventeen]

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