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    This Cole And Dylan Sprouse Twitter Exchange Will Make Anyone With Siblings Say, "Same"

    I apologize in advance.

    Listen, I didn't wake up this morning expecting to share another funny tweet exchange between Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and we are!

    Because, honestly, sometimes a little lighthearted roasting between famous twin brothers is enough to bring joy into an otherwise bleak Twitter feed.

    Here goes nothing! It started with a Cole tweet, as it so often does — a simple joke on Cow Appreciation Day:

    Love you @dylansprouse #CowAppreciationDay

    *live footage of a cow celebrating Sprouse Appreciation Day*

    Naturally, Dylan followed up with his own animal-related burn:

    @colesprouse Damnit! I forgot to say happy birthday again! Next year :\

    Fans, of course, could not get enough of their witty twin shenanigans...

    @colesprouse @dylansprouse this is why i have notifications on

    @colesprouse @dylansprouse ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    @colesprouse @dylansprouse This is exactly how me and my sister act and I love

    And neither could I, obviously:

    @colesprouse @meaghansollitto @dylansprouse Buzzfeed just got a boner

    THE END.